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Though this supplement has not been approved by the FDA, studies carried out by Quincy Bioscience have shown Prevagen is able to decrease brain cell death by as much as 50%. Since no independent studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this supplement, this leads some consumers to feel a little leery of the results they will achieve. Though further research may be needed, this does not mean it cannot deliver what it promises. Of all the reviews by consumers, there are many mixed views on this product when it comes to effectiveness.  The overall conclusion is that it works for some people but is not as effective for others; hence a rating of 3 stars.

Could Prevagen Be the Answer to Your Aging Brain?

As you grow older, the cells in your brain begin to die off and can lead you to suffering with memory loss. Though most people consider this a normal part of growing older, it does not have to be this way. Unfortunately, the aging process lowers your body’s ability to fight off cell death, by reducing its production of Apoaequorin. When this special protein is limited in the body, your calcium levels can become too high, resulting in damage to your brain cells. To prevent brain cell death and dramatically improve brain function, it is recommended you learn more about this supplement. The ingredients in this natural supplement have been proven to protect brain cells, so you may be able to retain your memory function well into old age.

What Is Prevagen?

prevagen reviewsWhen people are looking for a natural supplement to improve brain function, they often wonder what is Prevagen. It is a “breakthrough natural supplement” that was developed in 2004, by Quincy Bioscience. It comes in capsule form and has been shown to reduce brain cell death by as much as 50%. Not only does the supplement improve brain function, but it can also boost your energy and make you feel younger. You can also experience these benefits from taking the supplement.

  • Increased concentration levels
  • Better thinking ability and loss of foggy brain
  • Protects your brain from age-related ebbs in function

protect neurons from degradationThis supplement works by replacing the proteins that are responsible for controlling the amount of calcium that passes into your brain. Since calcium causes brain cell death, these levels need to be under control at all times, to avoid cellular death. As you grow older, your body slows production of this vital protein. The manufacturers of this product state that by taking it, you can give your body back the proteins it needs, for the protection of your brain cells.

What are the Key Ingredients in this product?

There is one key ingredient that is responsible for the protection this supplement offers for your brain cells. This ingredient is apoaequorin. Apoaequorin is the protein element of aequorin. This ingredient is found in luminescent jellyfish and is extracted in its purest form and included in the supplement. For more information about apoaequorin read the other article here.calcium binding protein

This protein helps your body to use calcium properly, so your brain cells are protected, thus improving and prolonging your brain’s natural function. If you read up on any Prevagen review, you will quickly find this ingredient is being touted as the next major medical breakthrough in brain treatment. Since it is an all-natural ingredient, it is able to be released to the general public, without the need for long wait times in medication development.

Some reviews do question the ability of the protein to cross the blood brain barrier but again as no independent studies have been carried out this cannot be proved either way.

How Should Prevagen Be Taken?

when and how to takeTo ensure you get the best results from this supplement, it is important you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You will need to take one capsule in the morning, as this will allow the protein to enter your bloodstream and immediately begin protecting your brain function throughout the day.

When taken in the morning, you can face your day with better cognitive function and more energy and vitality. The supplement only needs to be taken once a day, before you eat your morning meal. This ensures you get the best results.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

Any downsides? Side effectsFor the most part, there have been no major reports of side-effects associated with taking this supplement. Some doctors are concerned about the long-term use of Prevagen having an effect on the bones, since it increases calcium binding. If you have osteoporosis or other calcium-associated conditions, you may want to talk with your doctor before you begin taking this supplement, to ensure it will be safe for you. When used as directed, the supplement has been found to be safe for most people.

Are There Any Drug Interactions You Should Be Concerned About?

Interactions with medication?When reading through the many Prevagen reviews, you will quickly find most people are able to take their regular medications and other supplements without any interactions occuring. If you take several different medications, it is in your best interest to get the advice of your doctor before adding any new supplement to your daily routine. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing your use of this supplement will not interfere with any other medications you take on a daily basis.

Is It For Me?

Is It Safe?To find out if this supplement will improve your brain function and reduce your bouts of forgetfulness and lack of concentration, you will have to try it for yourself. The jury is still out when it comes to consumer reviews and as long as you follow the manufacturers advise and consult your doctor first, it may work for you. With the product being affordable, there is no reason not to give it a shot and see what it does for you. Through this supplement, you may finally see increased brain function when you need it most.

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