Mind Boost Day and Night

Mind Boost Review: Mental Performance by Day, Mental Relaxation by Night

Mind Boost is one of the best nootropics in the market. It gives you a great mental boost that you need for your daily schedule, and gives you a relaxing night for a good night’s rest.

You might have heard the term “nootropic” before. It is commonly known to enhance the performance of the brain. It is primarily sought after by people who want to enhance their brain function in their everyday lives, most especially students and office workers. This is one of the only nootropics that offers a day and night solution for the brain’s improvement.

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What is Mind Boost?

The company Simple Smart Science developed this Day and Night Formula. It is designed to enhance brain activity and recovery throughout the entire day. The Day formula gives you the focus and memory enhancements you need for your daily schedule. You can perform better and your brain can process more, giving you a slight edge over everyone else.

The Night formula provides the body with relaxing and calming effects to help the brain repair itself while you sleep. Studies have shown that the brain processes all information gathered during the day in your sleep. It is also the time when your brain is flushing out the accumulated toxins. The Night formula would give you a good night’s rest and a healthy and ready brain by morning.

What are the Key Ingredients?

The Day and Night formulas have different active key ingredients to give you that mental boost throughout the day and calming effect at night.

Day Formula’s Ingredients

Mindboost day

These ingredients make sure that your brain is focused and energized. It contains:

  • Bacopa Monnierimind boost natural ingredients

Bacopa monnieri increases the blood flow in the brain and actives choline at the same time. The choline will affect the dopamine in the brain to give you better focus and attention, thus improving memory and learning

  • Rhodiola RoseaMind boost day ingredients

Rhodiola rosea improves brain performance and reduces the effects of mental fatigue, stress and anxiety.

  • Ginkgo BilobaNatural ingredient in MindBoost Day

Recent studies have shown that ginkgo biloba improves the attention, abstract, and delayed memory of its users. It also improves memory formation and recall.

  • Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 increases the overall performance of the brain, and is proven to reduce the risk of mental and cognitive decline.

  • Folic Acid

Continued consumption of folic acid is proven to reduce the rate of cognitive decline, and is known to increase cognitive function, memory, and information processing.

Night formula’s ingredients

These ensure that you have a good night’s sleep suited to enhance your brain’s repair system. It contains:Mindboost night

  • Picamilon

Picamilon relaxes the brain and the body, relieving stress and anxiety.

  • Olive Leaf ExtractMindBoost Night natural ingredient

Olive leaf extract contains oxidants that help in the protection and development of cells in the body. It also reduces cognitive decline.

  • Green TeaMindBoost night ingredients

Green tea contains antioxidants that improve mental processing speed which, in turn, improves memory and executive functions.

  • Folic Acid

The effect of the folic acid found in the Day supplement has the same effect for the Night supplement.

Are there any Drug Interactions?

Interactions with medication?As of today, there are no known complications when using other prescription medication with this product. However, the same is not recommended without a doctor’s go ahead. Some medications might contradict with the ingredients of the supplement and produce devastating results.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

According to Simple Smart Science, Mind Boost may also be used with other nootropics without any problems whatsoever. It may also be taken by children. However, it is still important to ask a physician before letting children 15 and below take the supplement. For a 100% natural brain supplement suitable for use by children read the review on Native Remedies Focus Formula.

How should I Use It to Achieve Maximum Results?

when and how to takeOne capsule of the Day supplement must be taken in the morning for the nutrients to take effect for the brain’s needs throughout the day. One capsule of the Night supplement must also be taken before bedtime to ensure that the supplement is given ample time to calm and relax the body for a good night’s rest.

Everyday use is also recommended for continuous effect. If you ever decide to stop using the supplement, do not fret. The body will not experience any negative side effects, apart from the noticeable return to the mental functions before taking this nootropic.


Pros Cons Buttons Show Positive Or NegativeThe Day formula delivers what it promises. A lot of users have reviewed the product and claimed that the effects of the supplement are quite fantastic. They felt the improved focus and concentration, and the increased memory retention that it offered.

The Night formula has also given its users the good night’s rest they have always wanted. Users who suffered from waking up in the middle of the night, reported that within the first week, they slept through the whole night without suddenly waking up. All of them claimed that waking up after taking Night formula gave them a refreshed and energized morning.

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Cons/Side Effects?

Any downsides? Side effectsThere are no known side effects. The lack of caffeine in both the Day and Night formulas would mean that user would not have to worry about any indirect side effects brought by caffeine. A downside, however, is that it is not available in any store. It can only be purchased online on the website of Simple Smart Science.

Another downside is the time that it takes before the Day formula takes effect. It takes about 2-3 weeks before the full effect is felt by the user. However, there are some reports that within the first use, a slight improvement in focus is noticed.


Day supplements costs $69 per bottle, $59 per bottle if you buy a three months supply worth of supplements, and $49 per bottle for a six months supply. Night supplement costs $49 per bottle, $42 per bottle if you buy a three months supply worth of supplement, and $34 per bottle for a six month supply.

For optimal savings, it is recommended to purchase the complete set, meaning both Day and Night formulas. Day and Night supplements cost $97 per set, $164 if you buy a 60 day supply worth of supplements, and $204 for a 90 day supply.

Do I Need To Take Both Day and Night?

No, each supplement works independently of the other.  If you decide you only need a boost when awake then take the Day formula and if you only need to improve your rest and sleep then the Night Formula is for you.  In other articles though, the link between a good nights rest and improved brain health is constantly reinforced so if you can take the two products together a greater benefit will be experienced.

Summary, Is It for Me?

overview of productIf you are one of those who want to find a quick solution to your mental “limitations”, then Mind Boost is not for you. The effects of the Day formula can take weeks to be felt, where minor improvements that are barely felt may be expected within days.

For those who want great results, and are patient about it, then Mind Boost is the right product for them. It has a competitive price. You don’t need to purchase both Day and Night supplements. Simple Smart Science has even mentioned that the Day formula may be taken without the Night formula, thus saving you some cash.

Due to the number of success stories, it’s hard not to promote the impressive results of this product. You’ll get all the benefits without any consequences. This is truly a marvel among nootropics.

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MindBoost Day and Night
  • Top Pick For Nootropic
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Competitive Price
  • Needs Long Term Use To See Full Results
  • No Caffeine


This is my top pick for nootropics. It has great reviews, no known side effects and produces excellent results for long term users. Use the Day and Night Formula in conjunction with each other for maximum results or use separately to suit your individual needs.